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About Us

Several years of experience in the field place us as one of the dealers with the highest exports of high-end cars in the market.

We have access to all US and Canadian auctions as we also participate in private or closed auctions looking for unique cars or unique opportunities such as concept cars.

We work with total discretion and privacy, our clients do not have to worry about their name or information being used to promote the business. Absolute reservation is part of this exclusive
world. We have made sales to famous figures of the sport and even frontline artists have trusted our services, however we have never published our relationship.

Collectors or investors feel free to contact us with serious business proposals, let’s discuss all the options within the world of cars. We can get financing in some cases. We are selling in the United States and export to all over the world, including shipping to the destination or delivering the car where the customer indicates within the US.

Our HQ is located in Florida. Contact us now.

By email:
Facebook: @pompeyamotorsusa
Instagram: @pompeyamotorsusa